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All sectors, all companies, all people are affected. Much of what used to be successful no longer works. With new perspectives and a new drive, however, we are ready for the future.

We are living in what is probably the greatest transformation phase of mankind since 20,000 years: From digitization to robots, artificial intelligence and beyond; new trends determine the direction. Towards the ultimate unfolding of the human potential

You are an entrepreneur and ask yourself:

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We accompany entrepreneurs in guiding their company on the waves of GIGA Trends toward sustainable success.

The emphasis is on:

Achieving their sustainable corporate goals with happy employees and smooth processes.

Strengthening courage and confidence in dealing with the changes.

Continuously strengthening the asset value and establishingtransformation as a habit.

In this way you will move from re-acting back to acting, being the proactive creator of change in your company.


As a consequence of the GIGA Trend No. 14 “From male dominance to female leadership”, our offers are primarily aimed at female entrepreneurs in order to help them with new types of leadership and creative tasks.

This doesn´t exclude at allserving male clients, who find their way to us.

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Günter Conrad

Long-standing corporate strategist and implementer

He accompanied companies to sustainable success – above all “Accenture”, which over the years of his association has grown from 2,000 to 100,000 and today to more than 500,000 employees worldwide.

Being in the management there for many years, he helped to develop the global corporate strategy in 1991 and subsequently to implement it.

Today he works in a network of recognized experts in areas such as:

GIGA Trends

- the basis for all of our right decisions gearing towards the future

Change? Of course! But where is the destination of the journey?

Successful entrepreneurs recognize and understand the current GIGA Trends. And they use them as their opportunity as well. This is indeed the recipe for success of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Co., which became the world’s largest companies in just a few years.

As a futurologist and strategist, I analyze the GIGA Trends with you so that you can unfold your personal and business potential specifically for the growth of your company.

“100% of your success is in your hands – 0% in any external circumstances.”


The GIGA Trends, which determine your future

Would you like more clarity and orientation? Then align your company with the help of the GIGA Trends. In this way you can still be in business tomorrow.

Here are some examples of the effect of GIGA Trendsexisting already:

  • From camouflage to transparency:petrol station app offers real-time price transparency throughout Germany
  • From ignorance to knowledge: Dr. Google as a second medical opinion, “Do not despair, ask Google”
  • From logic to intuition: Neuroscience proves: 70% of all decisions are emotional
  • From “location- and time-bound” to “unbound”: Virtual collaboration via the Internet and video calls
  • From motivated to inspired: from fading motivation to lasting inspiration

Do your GIGA Trends test now!

Find out which GIGA Trends are influencing your company and how well prepared your company is today.


- short workshops for your company

The following workshops, online or offline, are available for more comprehensive information on management issues of the new era.

Current workshop program:

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you see change."

Future-works for entrepreneurs

In virtual and fully equipped Future-Works, our customers design and shape the future world of their companiesand employees, as well as the paths towards it. They are accompanied by our experts, who bring decades of personal and professional experience and wisdom gained during their life “expeditions”.

The project-based work can be carried out online thanks to software for video conferencing containing the necessary toolsand equipment for the “expedition” into the new era, as well as the suitable know-how. These future-oriented works are configured according to your needs and at the same time allow project-based work to be carried out on site and location-independent.

The working papers can be saved here, with access options, regardless of location, and jointly edited in virtual video sessions. In addition, if required, training coursesand lectures can be carried out from any location.

The works are divided into the following areas of expertise, which contain tools and know-how for project´s work.

Tools for developing and implementing your company strategy

Corporate strategy

Assessment or new development of your company strategy based on GIGA Trends.

Corporate culture

Adopting attitudes, values and beliefs of the new era.

High performing teams

Motivation was yesterday – today it’s about top performance with fun through inspiration and appreciation, in one word: resilient.

Vital energies

Manage the company’s vital energies for optimal performance, identify and eliminate energy losses.

Digitization & processes

Strategically required digitization and process design.

High performing individuals

Optimization of the physical and mental performance and resilience of the “expedition” participants.

Contact and dialogue

We are happy to answer your questions and of course we are always interested in your feedback on our website and offers.

Free, non-binding initial consultation with Günter Conrad

Would you like to know how you can use the strategy in the new era with the GIGA Trends for your personal growth and business success?

Then arrange a first meeting on the phone or via Skype.

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Testimonials from customers

“You have understood how to reconcile market opportunities and entrepreneurial skills in a constructive and dynamic strategy process, so that today we are pursuing a convincing vision and clear strategy and we are achieving success!”

“Our strategy process was carefully and systematically supported with experience, foresight and tried and tested methods. As a result, we are now pursuing a clear strategy and are benefiting from the enthusiasm of our managers when it comes to implementation.”

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