Günter Conrad

My review and outlook

From today’s perspective, life has prepared me fairly systematically for the requirements of today. Starting with the degree in industrial engineering (computer science) in Karlsruhe (from 1969) and already at that time in a worldwide network of students.

Then, in the “founding years”, I learned from scratch the engineering-like development of software and experienced the maturing processes of this ever-expanding field of knowledge on an international level. In 1991 I was “consequently” introduced to the art of strategy development and the transformation of companies as a direct result of the revolutionary development of IT. The main “guiding masters” were Jörn Riewe – engineering software development, Robert C. Manion – start-up management, Thad Perry – leadership and unfolding of potential, Prof. Michael Oliff – strategies of global market leaders and teaching top executives.


Another prerequisite for qualified future-oriented work was created through contact with Asian cultures and quantum physics (2005), including lectures for Indian executives. Since then, this knowledge has increasingly given me the prospects for the developments to be expected on our planet and has decisively shaped my life philosophy. The initiators here were Sören Gutschmidt – Gateway to India, Dr. Jes Lim – TAO master, Pankaj Naram – globally renowned Ayurveda doctor, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar – globally active Indian master and Prof. Hans-Peter Dürr – quantum physicist and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize.

I feel privileged to be able to help shape these groundbreaking changes in our economy and society.

I was  happily married twice, to strong women who have supported me a lot in my development. My daughter and son have grown up and work or study. Jogging, golf, sailing and yoga are my activities for relaxation and recreation.Also yoga retreats in India and my expeditions with my own off-road vehicle on four continents; e.g. to the roof of the world, through Tanzania’s wildlife parks, through the Rockies on “hiking trails” and across Africa along the Zambezi.

My philosophy

Change and transformation are natural principles. If you don’t keep up with the times, you fade away with time!

This clearly defines the responsibility of entrepreneurs. Their challenge is to identify the need for action and direction and to implement it effectively in a timely manner.

In order for you to achieve this in the best possible way, I bring my varied and goal-oriented professional experience gained over 45 years on 4 continents. GIGA Trends, systems and connections become visible. This gives you clarity in thinking, feeling and acting.

"If you want to be quick, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." Unknown

I compare the tasks ahead of us with an

“expedition of peasants on an eight-thousander.”

With good planning and preparation, a shaping and fulfilling event.

For this purpose, I provide you with our virtual future-works, configured for you as a contribution to our common “expedition”-project.

These future-works stand for the necessary tools, procedures and the know-how required for such an “expedition” and the experience from your company and my network.

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